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What We Do

Plugging and Abandonment

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The Trusted Experts in Well Plugging & Abandonment

Discover JMR Services' exceptional Well Plugging and Abandonment services. With years of expertise in the oil and gas industry, we specialize in providing safe and reliable solutions for the decommissioning of wells, ensuring compliance with all regulatory standards. Our highly skilled team employs state-of-the-art technology and industry-best practices to safely seal and secure wells, mitigating any potential environmental risks.


We understand the importance of minimizing liabilities associated with idle or orphaned wells, and we take pride in delivering cost-effective and efficient plugging and abandonment services. Trust JMR Services to handle your well closure needs with professionalism and precision, contributing to a cleaner and safer energy landscape.

Our Mission

Safety is the Mission

JMR is dedicated to providing all personnel associated with and exposed to the company and any job functions with the proper training and tools to work safely. JMR has a no excuses culture when it comes to safety and expects and demands an accident free workplace where anybody has the right to Stop Work and everyone is expected to recognize and inform others of unsafe conditions.

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