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Our Equipment

We Offer a Range of Equipment and Trucks to Meet Your Needs

Bulk Units

JMR offers Bulk Unit Trucks for both liquid and dry materials.​

JMR Services Bulk Unit Truck
JMR Services Cement Pump

Cement Pumps

JMR dedicates a cement bulk unit for each cement pump and has various sizes for location restrictions.

Flowback Tanks

JMR has various sizes of flowback tanks for small and large jobs.​

JMR Services Flowback Tank Image
JMR Services Wirelines


JMR dedicates a wireline for each P&A package.​

Pipe Racks and Floats

JMR has pipe racks or floats for your operational preference.​

JMR Services Pipe Rack and Float Truck
JMR Services Well Service Unit

Well Service Units

JMR has certified category 3 or 4 Class IV rigs.​

Vacuum Trucks

JMR dedicates Vacuum Trucks for fluid management for each P&A package.​

JMR Services Vacuum Truck
JMR Services Split Frac Tank

Split Frac Tanks

JMR has split frac tanks for storage of primary P&A fluids.​

Mechanic Trucks

JMR services and maintains equipment with their own Full-Time mechanic and truck.

JMR Services Mechanic Truck
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