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Plugging & Abandonment

Serving the Permian Basin since 2015

Plugging & Abandonment Is What We Do

JMR Is the Leading P&A Service in the Country

Plugging & Abandonment

JMR Services specializes in Texas oil well plugging and abandonment with quality and well-maintained equipment, operated by experienced and safe employees.

Located in the Permian Basin, Texas, JMR Services's leadership and employees bring over 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our broad experience of downhole knowledge and problem wells within various fields contributes to efficiency and cost reduction to customers.

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Wellsite Reclamation

JMR Services offers a turnkey service for their plugging and abandonment, including well-site reclamation.

Our team is committed to environmental stewardship and the responsible restoration of well sites to their natural state. Whether you're looking to decommission oil and gas wells, facilities, or any other site in need of reclamation, our experts have the knowledge and experience to efficiently and effectively reclaim the land, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and minimizing environmental impact. At JMR Services, we prioritize sustainability, safety, and quality, and we look forward to helping you reclaim and revitalize your land for a cleaner, greener future. 


At JMR, safety is our culture, not just paperwork and reports. JMR is dedicated to providing all associated personnel and every job function with the proper training and tools to work safely. JMR has a "no excuses" culture when it comes to safety and expects and demands an accident-free workplace.

JMR is registered to operate under Texas RRC P-5 #433141, Texas Waste Haulers Permit #6789 and New Mexico Waste Haulers Permit #C-638.
JMR belongs to ISNetworld #400-247346 and certifies all employees under SafeLand and H2S.

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Who We Are

About Our Company

JMR provides a comprehensive plugging and abandonment packages, where we can efficiently turnkey bid well(s) or go strictly time and materials. We dedicate a complete P&A package per location in order to eliminate wait time of equipment, including moving equipment from location to location.


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed




Business Partners

What We do

Our Plugging & Abandonment Package:

  • Supervisor

  • Supervisor Truck

  • Rig w/Crew

  • Crew Truck

  • Doghouse

  • Utility Trailer

  • BOPE and trailer

  • Wireline

  • ​Cement Pump

  • Cement Bulk Unit

  • Split Frac Tank for fluids

  • Flowback Tank

  • Winch Truck

  • Vacuum Truck and Trailer

  • Workstring

  • Pipe Float/Racks

Our News


JMR is proud to be able to offer expanded services to their customers nationwide by partnering with Plugging and Abandonment companies, A-Plus and BCM.


JMR plans to build upon the track records of all three companies, which boast strong, established reputations within their respective regions, along with cultures of safety-centric operations.  The combined company is well positioned to offer customers an unparalleled one-stop-shop for P&A, well site remediation/reclamation and eventually methane emissions quantification, reduction, and monetization via “carbon credits.” ...

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